How to Establish a Thriving Company Culture

By Corey Hastings

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Company culture is vital to an organization’s success – you’ve probably heard it before, maybe you’ve even said it yourself. But as an employer, are you actively focusing on establishing a thriving company culture?

Hiring and retaining dedicated, valuable employees depends on a lot more than a stocked fridge and a nice paycheck. Company culture is defined in many ways. But to truly understand how to create a positive culture, you have to understand the 3 core areas of employee dissatisfaction that can plague the workplace. These areas include:

  1. Lack of Communication
  2. Lack of Employee Recognition
  3. Lack of Training and Development

When an employee sees no upward mobility because they lack proper avenues of communication, they are not recognized for their accomplishments, and their company is not investing in their professional development, they leave. And their behavior is contagious.

So how do you promote positivity and growth on all 3 fronts? We’ve outlined a few tips.

Improving Communication

The Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Is your workplace communication a victim of this sentiment? If so, it might be time to reexamine.

Improving your communication process can start with a few simple approaches. One suggestion is to hold on-site communication training and workshops. Bring everyone together to discuss what tactics are working, and what areas could improve. Allowing your employees to participate in the discussion not only shows that you value their opinions, but also allows you to develop new employee-backed communication strategies.

Another way to improve the process is to utilize online communication tools. We suggest looking into messaging services like Slack or Google Chat.

Employee Appreciation

Recognizing your employees for their successes is a vital part of a thriving company culture. If an employee feels like they are valued and appreciated, it boosts morale and productivity, and helps retain your strongest talent.

A simple method for recognizing employees is to thank them for their work in a genuine and respectful way. Don’t over-praise if it’s undeserved, instead focus on offering sincere gratitude for a job well done.

Publicly praising employees is also another great tactic. Start meetings by pointing out successes and wins, and allow others to contribute if they want to share something about a fellow team member.

When a strong performer has wowed you yet again, ask them to mentor inexperienced members of the team. Your trust in their ability to pass along their expertise will resonate.

And never underestimate the value of giving thanks with gifts or perks. Has an extremely long project finally come to a successful conclusion? Take your team to the ball game, or out for a celebratory lunch.

Training and Development

There is no better way to show an employee that you want to invest in their future than by offering training and development.

Implementing programs that allow employees to learn will present potential for advancement, and show that you care about their future as much as the future of the company. Start by offerings mentorship programs or investment in certifications or online courses, and allow your training and development strategies to grow.


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