Recruiter Feature: Chris Nakiso is Dedicated to Finding the Right Match

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Meet Chris Nakiso, Regional Recruiter at SS&C!

Nakiso, a CSUN grad and basketball player, thrives on competition on and off the court. Nakiso is highly driven and tenacious, and has been with SS&C for 3 years, with 7 years total experience in the recruiting industry.

Can you tell us about an awesome job match you’ve made lately?

Recently, I worked on a placement for the president of a company I have done a lot of work with. We have developed a good relationship, and he reached out to me to find him a New York sales executive. These roles can be challenging to find, but having a connection with a potential candidate gives you a lot of momentum.

The gal I ended up placing was someone I had to reach out to persistently in hopes of hiring. After a few phone calls, we kind of hit it off and as I started telling her more and more, she ended up becoming the perfect hire. The company couldn’t have gotten a better candidate: perfect culture fit, 20+ years of experience, and completely understood the product. A recruiter can really be an added value. I think the fact that she landed at a company that was growing and she was willing and understood how to help them build and grow – it all came full circle. And I know I made that match happen.

What one tip would you share with aspiring recruiters?

You gotta love what you do. If you’re just starting, you don’t have to have all the experience in the world initially. Like my mom always told me, “Nobody cares about how much you know until they know how much you care.”

What is your favorite part of being a recruiter?

The best part is that recruiting is like solving a puzzle, some jobs are more complex and some are more simple. It’s always great when you send a resume and a hire happens. But when you are able to pull something out of nothing and aid in making it happen – you take down what the client needs, what they’re looking for, and then vise versa by taking what candidates are looking for and want and merge them together – that’s what makes this job cool.

What makes working at SS&C unique?

A lot of companies work hard but don’t have fun doing it. At SS&C, everyone works extremely hard and everyone has a lot of fun doing it. That’s an environment for me. It can get stressful, but people want to be happy and comfortable at work, especially in those trying times, and thats what we have.

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