4 Habits of Successful People

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No matter how lucky a person may seem, those who succeed weren’t born in a hot air balloon, floating to the top of their industry without so much as lifting a finger. Successful people invest the proper amount of energy into setting themselves up for the accomplishments they achieve. They work hard for their visions, and they plan for their futures. Below, find 4 habits of successful people, and how you can incorporate similar traits into your daily life.

1. They’re self-starters

Success starts with taking initiative. If you’re waiting for someone else to tell you want to do, when to do it and how to do it, you may be waiting forever. To truly advance in your career, strive to be a self-starter who creates success, not one who hopes success comes knocking.

Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey didn’t achieve success overnight. The most accomplished businesspeople of our time took their ideas and implemented hard-work, drive and focus to develop their visions. And while they certainly had an equally hard-working team by their side, their personal perseverance never faltered.

2. They minimize distractions

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – oh my! If you’re easily distracted, you’re not alone. But those who can find the will to close those browser tabs and hunker down with their top priorities are those who will come out on top.

Social networks may seem like an easy distraction, but emails can serve as an even bigger interruption. Instead of responding to every email as soon as you hear your mailbox ding, designate certain times throughout your day to respond. With the burden of constant response out of your mind, you’ll be able to properly divert your time to the tasks at hand, just be sure to turn your email notifications off for a few hours.

3. They plan their day

Speaking of distractions, it’s easy to lose sight of your responsibilities without a plan. Successful people take time at the top of each day to prioritize the day’s tasks. Without proper organization, you’ll steer more and more off course as the hours tick by. Make it a habit to formulate a plan for your day.

4. They stay active

It’s a fact – if you’re stressed, you’re unproductive. Some days, stress seems inevitable. But by staying active throughout your day, you can relieve the tension. Take it from the American Heart Association, who notes that, “Physical activity can relieve tension, anxiety, and anger.” The next time you’re feeling stressed, put down your pen, shut your laptop and head out for a lunchtime walk, or even a brief 10 minute stroll. With the temporary shift in environment and fresh air, your stress will dissipate, allowing you to refocus. And while this may seem difficult, we suggest leave your phone at the office. To fully embrace yourself in mindful activity, we recommend fully disconnecting…if only for a few minutes.


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